Stock market index falls, Finance sector surges by 3%

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Kathmandu, April 25

On the last day of the week’s trading, the NEPSE index of the stock market fell to 1965 points. NEPSE decreased by 3.24 points compared to the previous day. Along with the NEPSE index, the turnover has also decreased. The previous day’s turnover was Rs 2.53 billion, but today it decreased to Rs 2.36 billion.

A total of 88 companies increased in value, 149 decreased while seven remained stable. The index of the finance group increased the most by 3.13 per cent (62 points). Banking decreased by 2, Development Bank by 7, Hotel and Tourism by 21, Hydropower by 11, Manufacturing by 47, Microfinance by 14 and other groups decreased by 5 points.

Life insurance increased by 20 points, business by 3 points and life insurance group by 43 points. The price of multipurpose finance increased the most by 10 per cent. Likewise, Pokhara Finance increased by 8 per cent, Swabhiman Laguvitta by 6.7 per cent, Best Finance by 6.3 per cent, and Shree Investment Finance by 5 per cent.

In the same way, the price of Sabaiko Laghubitta decreased by 5.8 per cent, Maikhola Hydropower by 5.4 per cent, NRN Infrastructure by 5.1 per cent, Manusi Microfinance by 3.9 per cent, and Unique Nepal Microfinance by 3.8 per cent.
Pokhara Finance, Multipurpose Finance, People’s Power, Gorkha’s Finance and IME Life Insurance were ahead in terms of turnover.

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