Simrik Air launches inaugural edition of Helicopter Nepal

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Simrik Air launches inaugural edition of Helicopter Nepal

With the goal of embodying transparency, impact, and commitment within the helicopter industry, Simrik Air has launched the inaugural edition of Helicopter Nepal.

It stands as the first and only magazine encompassing diverse dimensions related to helicopters.

“Our goal is to comprehensively showcase the achievements, ongoing efforts, future prospects, and challenges encountered in helicopter operations. Despite the significance of helicopters in Nepal, security challenges persist,” the Simrik Airlines, which has played an integral role in the establishment of the aviation sector, said in a statement.

“However, we are steadfast in our commitment to addressing these challenges with enhanced sophistication. We believe that Helicopter Nepal Magazine will serve as a vital platform for Safety Discussion and Risk Mitigation, ushering in a new era of safety awareness and preparedness,” the statement further reads.

Simrik Air said that featuring helicopter stories will boost the morale of employees and helicopter crews engaged in this industry. The Heli Tours section will serve as a valuable tool for promoting tourism in Nepal.

Ultimately, Helicopter Nepal will be an annual non-commercial publication, gathering news, perspectives, and topics relevant to helicopters. This magazine will play a pivotal role in fostering the growth of heli-tourism and advancing air safety standards, according to the statement.

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