Outreach celebrates 20 years with rebranding

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Kathmandu, June 19

Outreach, a leading Nepali advertising agency, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a rebranding initiative featuring a new logo, philosophy, and website. Established in 2003, Outreach is renowned for its “Nepalisation” strategy, using local consumer insights to launch global brands successfully in Nepal. The agency is also celebrated for its creativity and impactful Behavior Change Communication (BCC) campaigns.

According to a press statement released by the agency the new “Sherpa Philosophy” mirrors the guidance of Sherpas in mountaineering, symbolising Outreach’s role in guiding brands to success with strategic tools and market insights. The new logo, inspired by the ICE AXE, represents overcoming marketing challenges.

Founder Ujaya Shakya emphasises their commitment to harnessing Nepali culture and market dynamics. Outreach’s diverse team ensures authentic and inclusive brand experiences, driving business ideas with strategy, creativity, data, and technology. Visit www.outreachnepal.com for more information.

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