Nepali art and culture shine in Aurora History Museum

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Kathmandu, June 24

The Aurora History Museum in the USA is showcasing the rich culture of Nepal in a year-long exhibit titled “A Mosaic of Cultures: Aurora’s Nepali Community.” Open since May, the exhibit highlights Nepal’s unique heritage, featuring artefacts, traditional clothing, and sensory experiences that provide a deep dive into the vibrant Nepali culture.

According to a press statement released by community organiser Binisha Shrestha, the museum director T. Scott Williams emphasises that the exhibit aims to educate visitors about Nepal, from its history and dynasties to its contemporary community in Aurora. The display includes interactive elements like a singing bowl, spice sniffing stations, and textured fabrics, offering an immersive cultural experience.

A central feature of the exhibit is a series of videotaped oral histories from local Nepali community leaders, including restaurant and small business owners. These stories play continuously, bringing personal narratives to the forefront. Additionally, visitors can listen to greetings in five of Nepal’s 100-plus languages, such as Newa and Sherpa, by interacting with a polyglot station.

The exhibit also proudly displays Nepal’s unique non-rectangular flag and life-sized models of ceremonial clothing worn by various Nepali ethnic groups. The project was a collaborative effort, with significant contributions from the local Nepali community, including artefacts and photographs curated by community organiser Binisha Shrestha.

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