Narayangadh-Muglin road: Landslide risks identified in 25 areas

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Chitwan, June 13:

The Division Road Office, Chitwan said that 25 areas along the Narayangadh-Muglin road section are at risk of landslides. According to Division Office chief Ramesh Prasad Poudel, four of the areas are classified as high risk and seven places as low risk.

There are higher risks of landslides near Mauri Bridge, Namsi Bridge, Kalikhola and Tuin Bridge areas. An estimated cost of Rs 520 million will be incurred for landslide control at Namsi, Kalikhola (rivulet) and Tuinkhola (rivulet) along the road.

Similarly, roads are required to be maintained at Gaighat, Dumre Bridge, Ghumaune, Simaltal, Jalbire and Panchkilo, which are reeling under low risk of landslide. Vehicular movement along the road section had been disrupted for the past couple of years due to repeated incidents of landslide.

The engineer at the office, Sagar Karki said the equipment would be installed at Seti Dobhan, Mauri Bridge and Charkilo considering potential soil erosion incidents at any time after the rain. Nature Base Solution is carrying out landslide control studies using bio-engineering technology at Kerabari along the same road section.

The organisation has written to the Department of Roads to conduct a study at 11 places in Khahare rivulet, Bhateriko Oralo, Gaighat, Setidobhan, Jalbire, Chhabiskeji (26 KG) and Charkilo areas on the same road.

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