Detail report of Nepal Living Standards Survey-IV released

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Kathmandu, June 14

The detailed report of the Fourth Nepal Living Standards Survey was unveiled on Thursday. The National Statistics Office (NSO) shared a detailed report highlighting the country’s key socioeconomic and other indicators.

As stated in the report, the number of people suffering from non-communicable diseases has increased in the country. It is stated that 18.5 per cent of people have suffered from non-communicable diseases in the Fourth Nepal Living Standards Survey against 11.7 per cent in the Third Nepal Living Standards Survey.

According to the NLSS-IV, 19.8 per cent of Nepalis have suffered from blood pressure-related illness, 14.7 per cent from stomach-related illness and 9.3 per cent suffer from diabetes while 8.6 per cent from respiratory illness.

The report has also shown the increasing trend of infectious diseases among Nepalis, which has reached 24.9 per cent in this report against 20 per cent in the Third Nepal Living Standards Survey.

Likewise, 6.4 per cent of Nepalis draw a salary based on a contract, 28.7 per cent every month, and 64.9 per cent are employed daily. According to the latest NLSS report, a Nepali spends Rs 72,908 on average in a year to meet basic needs and of them, Rs 35,029 is required to meet the demand for foodstuffs.

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