Chinese National, crypto trader, arrested with 6 kg gold

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Kathmandu, June 17

It has been revealed that the Chinese national who was arrested with 6 kg of gold is a crypto trader. The involvement of Chinese citizen Sonam Gurung was revealed after the gold payment was found to be cryptomorph.

37-year-old Sonam, a Chinese citizen, whose names are Serap and Sherab Galbo, was arrested by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) team on Sunday night.

Earlier, Siddhanath Ashok Gaikwad, an Indian citizen called Siddharth, was arrested by the CIB on charges of gold smuggling. CIB arrested Sonam from his rented room at Kathmandu-6 on Sunday night after it was revealed that the gold payment was made to Sonam through crypto.

According to CIB sources, after the conversations found on Siddharth’s mobile revealed that the gold payment was made to Sonam through crypto, the police reached his room. The police seized 6 gold biscuits of 1 kg and Rs 480,000 while they were wrapped with tape.

Spokesman of CIB and SP Hovindra Bogti said that Sonam, who was arrested, was also found to have taken Nepali citizenship from Mustang. Sonam Gurung is mentioned in the Nepali citizenship taken from Mustang.

CIB’s preliminary investigation has shown that Sonam brought gold from China by land and sold it to the group of Indian national Siddharth. Similarly, police sources informed that the two persons arrested in Delhi, India are Nepali citizens. Preparations are being made to bring them to Kathmandu.

CIB is now investigating the second phase of gold smuggling of more than 60 kg. Among them, the number of arrests has reached 20 so far.

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